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10 reasons why Rangoon is a must watch!

2017 is going to be a year when Bollywood actors, leaving the lovy-dovy romantic films behind and opting for much intense and period dramas. Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Shahid-Kangana-Saif starrer Rangoon is one of them. Here’s 10 reasons why Rangoon is a must watch.

1. The spectacular trio.
Shahid Kapoor’s image has always been that of a chocolate boy, but he shocked everyone with his outstanding performance in a competely different avatar in Haider,Kaminey and Udtaa Punjab. Kangana with her award winning performance in Queen has already made her space in audience’s hearts. Saif although didn’t make it big with his last releases, but his spectacular performances in Parineeta, Phantom, Omkara is something not easily forgettable.

2.The World War II era.
The film is a period drama set in 1940’s during World War II days.The trailer was loaded with some interesting war scenarios. If one love watching movies with epic war scenes, this is a must watch.

3. 7 years of hardwork.
The film was supposed to be the next project of Vishal Bhardwaj after Omkara. But it didnt go as planned. It took Vishal Bhardwaj 7 years for scripting the movie.So, Rangoon is a fruit of 7 years of hardwork. Surely a worth watch.

4. Extraordinary locations.
As the film is period based, extra efforts are required to make the fine detailings and maintain the authenticity.The film is shot in the beautiful surroundings of Arunachal Pradesh, with a taste of historic background and locations.

5. The love triangle.
Although two sides of the triangle are Shahid and Saif, the third one is not Kareena, its Kangana. Repeatedly being warned by Sajid about not casting Kareena’s present and past together, Vishal still took a chance. So, it is going to be fun watching Shahid, Saif and Kangana together onscreen for the first time. Surely, the other ‘K’ is the best in what she does.

6. Kangana as Miss Julia
Kangana will be seen onscreen after a long time. Her last release Katti-Batti didn’t go well at the box office. But that doesnt make a difference when she is someone who has won 2 National Awards. She will be seen playing Miss Julia, a 1940s action diva. Obviously, it is a challenging role and will be a fun to watch.

7.The hit combo
This is Shahid kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj’s 3rd collaboration, Kaminey being the 1st and Haider being 2nd. Vishal managed to bring out Shahid’s new and intensive avatar’s.Shahid is seen playing the role of an army officer. Seems like another power packed performance is in the making.

8.A mystery or suspense?
The film is said to be a remake of Telugu movie ‘Kanche’, because of similar story line. However film makers haven’t said a word whether it is a remake or not? So, is it a mystery, love story or shall we say it’s a thriller? The answer will only be revealed once the movie hit the theaters.

9.The sizzling trio chemistry.
Shahid is seen playing the role of an army officer, Kangana as Miss Julia, and Saif as a succesful filmmaker. The trailer has already given us a sneak peek of the intense and sensuous moments between Shahid and Kangana,and ofcourse Saif and Kangana. Too hot to handle, shall we say hotness overloaded.

10. Vishal’s Direction
Who can deny Vishal Bhardwaj’s perfect direction and soulful music in films before? If Vishal is there, nobody except loose ends anywhere in filmmaking. Certainly, with 7 years of work, this is going to have long lasting impact.
24 February is the date. Do watch the movie and share your comments. For more news and updates stay tuned and Let’s Get Buzzing!

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