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#Exclusive Fan #ChatSession with handsome Mohsin Khan

Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskMohsin wherein you guys sent the questions for your favourite Mohsin Khan  who is winning hearts for his role Karthik in StarPlus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai

We received hundreds of questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!


Twinkle- Are you romantic in real and your relationship status?
Yes, I am very romantic in real life.

 Aisha Khan- What is your greatest strength, weakness? What do like doing in free/spare time and favourite dish?
Greatest strength will be my family of course the reason behind I am still working. My greatest weakness would be my short temper, I can’t approach sometimes. In my spare time I usually eat a lot whenever. I read a lot of books watch a lot of movies and love listening songs.

I try to keep myself occupied always and work hard.
My favourite food is chicken grassroots salad.

Rinz-What is the craziest thing that you have ever done in your life?
Craziest thing what I have done suddenly in between my study I started getting into short films which took a lot of guts and strength. May be which made me an actor now.

Calcia Dsa-Who is the one at set and at home you can share your problem without hesitation?
 On set I do not share more about my worries with everyone; whenever problems come I don’t speak much. Normally I share a lot with my younger brother and sister.

Sania Agarwal-Your best childhood memories?
 I have lot of memorable childhood flashbacks. Normally during my vacations I used to go to Gujarat where I used to spend time with my nani and mama. We had really wonderful memories there.

Aria and Ezra- Kartik as a character is fitting much perfect, what quality of him does you like and hate the most?
Kartik is a passionate lover without any condition, he is a true lover and a true giver and whatever happens he always supports good decisions. I think that is one quality which I would someday inherit hopefully.

Kartik is a perfect person who loves unconditionally, maybe I hate this since I want to follow this. ( Ha Ha Ha he laughs).

Simran Gharge-A moment where you felt proud of yourself for being just you?
Recently I was invited in a school at England to give a speech to all young kids on how to take decision about life and our loved ones. This moment where I could guide the needed ones was a true proud and motivating moment not only for me, but also for my entire family.

Shivin-Kaira-lover-What is the one thing which your fans had done and you didn’t like that?
I don’t really like when suddenly I am surrounded by fans, few requesting for selfie   just in between of my shootings. When I am working, I try to provide my best. Such activities create some hindrances in the flow. I love to be with my fans, take selfie, enjoy with them, but please understand those are best when I am not in a shoot as it focusses breaks my concentration.

Kaira­ShivIn Fanclub @kaira_fc One quality of Shivangi that you admire and what one that irritate you most?
Ha Ha , maybe one quality of Shivangi which irritates me is that she is very short focused. There many qualities of Shivangi which I admire. She is a very natural actor; she is gifted with her (voice). She is one of those actors who just come to the scene and takes you away and does brilliant job, you just keep watching on to this.

KAIRA@nancy_dedhia- Is acting the only thing you like or are you interested in direction or anything else?
I am interested in analysis of people’s emotions, expressions. Normally I put myself in those situations and try to gauze myself. I love to express those emotions through my acting or also sometimes pen them down. May be down the lane I shall take up direction.

Sneha Vinay-Which is better to listen to your heart or brain?
Sometimes we should listen to our brain, as sometimes brain gives better advice than heart.

Sharon-Any similarity between Kartik and Mohsin and Naira and Shivangi?
Kartik and Mohsin are both passionate and dedicated. Naira and Shivangi and both family loving persons and care for their loved ones.

Mohsin-kaira world-Who inspire you to come on TV as an actor while you were studying engineering? Why you chose acting?
Not only one person or one event, but a lot of things inspired me altogether. Working as an assistant director was a great value addition. Many simple things which has emotions inspired and taught me lessons. Learnt a lot from simple acts like when we cry, we laugh. Real people, old films , natural acting’s inspired me to keep things real and simple.

KAIRA @momo_shivi_goal- Did you do ever something in your life and regret it later?
No, I don’t regret on a decision later.

Anika nishi-One thing that you eagerly want to do but can’t do?
Ha Ha Ha , ride a bike perfectly although I may ride it normally.

Shubhangi Mohsinlovr-Which is your dream role you want play and with which actress?
Aladdin would be my dream role along with the character Jasmine.

Mohsin-shivangiWhat was your reaction when you get offer of Yeh Rishta and have you ever thought you get this popularity in such a less time?
I was extremely happy and grateful for my opportunity in Yeh Rishta.I am really thankful to my production house. I was working too hard and shall continue to do so in future. I got motivated, wake up early , feel happy and obliged.

 Jyoti son_Your favourite hangout place?
 I don’t have one sadly any such favourite hangout destination.

Eva-What is the first thing you look in a person to consider in a good company to keep?

Praseetha-What is the best and worst part of being an actor?
 Best part – This is when people know you well. They greet with a smile whenever they see you. For example, the smile you get to see on people’s faces as they see you driving on the road that’s when you realize the strong attachment. Viewers find you every day on their TV sets. Fans and people discussing about you makes you delighted.

Worst part – You get too busy in life. Sometimes we call friends and close associates may be after a long time.

Just ShowBiz- Message to fans?

Keep watching post marriage in the show, there is gonna be a lot of drama .The pace and intensity will also get elevated. Thanks to all of you so far.

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