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TV stars laud Supreme Court’s verdict on Nirbhaya Case

Nirbhaya gang rape case,  which took the nation by storm on December 16th 2012, not only it raised a zillion questions on just not the safety of women in our country, but also on deterioration of human values and the laws that administered perpetrators. Terming it as the ‘Rarest of Rare Crime’, the Supreme Court on Friday upheld the capital punishment  on all four convicts Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta, Vinay sharma and Mukesh Singh who were convicted on charges of atrociously raping and inserting iron rod in victim’s private parts that lead to intestinal rupture  and her painful death.

While our TV town celebs extolled the decision of the apex Court on one hand, on the other they agreed that the justice got delayed. Here’s what our TV Stars have to say on this matter!

  1. Harshita Gaur

Yes the verdict is late but I am glad it happened.  I think we are moving towards a better India wherein we will also see stricter rules and early judgments. The fear of law only can reduce such acts.

2.Gia Manek

Yes the verdict is very very late ! Justice for Nirbhaya won’t be complete till the time the ‘juvenile’ Mohammed Afroz, the most brutal one is roaming free. He should be hanged first.

  1. Kiashwar

It’s definitely late but I am happy that at least it happening! It needed to happen.. after so many years she must have smiled from the heaven above .. I hope it will reduce, but the effect would have been a lot stronger, had the verdict taken place immediately.

  1. Ankush


Nirbhaya verdict is one of the rarest but was indeed required to set an example that whomsoever will threaten our daughters will not be spared, though I wish it had come sooner.

  1. Fahmaan Khan

This verdict should have been taken out immediately. I do not understand the need to prolong it till now. Better late than never I guess. Those four things (I say “things” coz they aren’t men) deserve to die. Nothing should stop that.

And if I were to be honest about the fact that this verdict will reduce objectifying women,  I don’t think so. Because it took the government 5 years to decide if these inhuman things are to die or not and a lot can happen over 5 years.

These sorts of decisions should be taken immediately for the citizens of this country to know that rape is indeed a merciless offense.

  1. Vikas Gupta

Every 2 minute an attack is reported on women in our country .So will this verdict help women in the country? No it won’t but yet it’s the right thing to do but after so much delay. This is just one case but there are lakhs of them which are not yet getting a date in the court and many more which aren’t even reported. The government and us both need to do way more to be able to actually do so that we are not a nation where women are unsafe

  1. Leenesh

I believe in the wisdom and fairness of our judiciary and if they in all their wisdom and intellect have thought such a punishment to be appropriate then it must be, legally even. That said I do understand that their family members will suffer a grave loss despite it not being their fault but so are the parents of Nirbhaya. Such is the unfortunate and vicious nature of a criminal act.

  1. Vikram Singh Chauhan

Yes the verdict is delayed and justice delayed is justice denied because criminals like these cannot live on public funds for 4 and a half long years. Nevertheless right decision is taken and this case shouldn’t be counted as rarest of rare cases for a death penalty, every rapist should be hanged till death..pen broken..that’s a common man verdict.

  1. Divyanka Tripathi

The verdict should always be of this kind for all publicized and ‘non-publicized’ crimes against women via rapes or acid attacks. A strong message must go to the society that no one would be spared for disrespecting women.

But it’s not only the criminals; it’s also our justice system at fault. Our Indian justice system is snail paced. On one hand there’s a victim who is in trauma, needs support and justice as soon as possible. On the other hand, it’s our system torturing them even further by the delays.’Justice late is justice denied’!

  1. Karan Tacker

Of course, I think this was a decision long due, glad that the government has come forward because decisions like this will set an example for the future.Jai Hind!

  1. Jasmin Bhasin

Yes I am happy with the verdict. Nothing can reduce the acts of women crime until and unless women start taking a stand for themselves, until they start fighting for justice and stop staying quiet.

  1. Nikita Dutta


This verdict has restored our faith in the judicial system. As the SC said it would be injustice to the society at large by not imposing death sentence to the accused in such cases. However I hope the timeline to reach justice can be made faster.


  1. Pankhuri Awasthy

Better late than never! It’s a good decision. Such barbaric acts should be punished only in this way.

  1. Preetika Rao

Only if death sentence for rape becomes mandatory in this country by a law passed…will the extent of rape in this country would go down in numbers. Our law still chooses to see the extent of crime before passing a verdict on rape. In Nirbhaya’s case it was gruesome rape equivalent to murder and hence death sentence has been passed as a verdict, however all rapists in this country will not be sentenced for death, they may serve a term or two in the jail and finally be left out in open. The verdict of rape is still subjective in our country as per several laws and norms that come under the jurisdiction.

  1. Prachi Thakker

Yes this verdict is late…We should have an express hearing for crimes against women and should be considered a crime of zero tolerance. As immediate justice, strict and prompt actions against such criminals are the only way to control and curb such offences.

Finally, the Supreme Court has done justice to Nirbhaya and we are sure that her parents will now be able to take a sigh of relief.

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