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Karamphaldata Shani’s star cast talk about the power of Lord Shani in their personal and professional life.

 Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s hit show Karamphaldata Shani’s star cast talk about the power of Lord Shani in their personal and professional life.

Kartikey Malviya – I think my Saturn is very powerful. Because of Lord Shani, I am able to do justice with this character. It is the mercy of Lord Shani that I have got such wonderful guides and friends on the sets of Karamhaldata Shani- Juhi Ma’am, Salil sir, Gufi sir, Kunal sir and rest of the production team. On this Shani Jayanti, I prayed to Shani Dev that these blessings should continue and I could live according to his principles and teachings in this life.
Salil Ankola – My SHANI ki dasa finished in April 2016 and immediately I was offered this show. I really had a bad time for seven and a half years and now it’s been good. I was told about this dasa in the year 2005 and didn’t believe it then, but now I am a pakka believer!
Kunal Bakshi – Yes. Most definitely I believe in the power of Shanidev. Personally, I believe in  doing good deeds honestly without any expectations (karm karo phal ki icha mat karo). Lord Shani is also Karmphaldata and yes in my life after a few ups and downs, things just started to turn around in the most positive ways only because I started having constant faith in Lord Shani and patience. Keep practising good deeds, play fair and speak positive and you will see how it all reflects back. Similarly, professionally, constant striving and staying positive towards your work and focusing on bettering yourself, even at times when you want to give up always helps. You reap as you sow! Jai Shanidev!
Tarun Khanna – I was under the influence of Shani since last seven and the half years. I did everything to live life according to his principles and was rewarded with Colors Golden Petal Award for best supporting actor award even though nobody felt I was a contender. But Shani Dev blessed me! Koti koti pranam!
Zohaib Siddiqui – Shani teaches us to do the right thing always in any situation, come what may! Shani says Follow the right path, it has its own hardships and troubles because it’s not easy, but it will make you a better person in the end. He teaches us to be strong and patient. This is divine. I try to follow this and it has helped me both professionally and personally.
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