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Popular Jodis of Telly World and their friendship status in real world !!

There are some hit jodi’s in our Telly world who have made all the viewers and their fans go crazy.
Fans always desire to have their hot jodi’s together no matter be the situations.
In real world may be they are love birds, friends or have a professional relation only.
Lets Peek into the few relationships of those hit Jodi’s.

Param and Harshita :- Sadda Haq fame lead pair Param and Harshita have made a special place amongst the youth and the viewers. Known for their excellent on screen bonding and excellent acting both of them seem to be really made for each other. In real world too both are excellent friends and have a great bonding.Both have been seen hanging out and enjoying each others company.

Barun and Sanaya :- Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon turned Barun and Sanaya become one of the most popular jodi. Both of them were a good looking couple and this works in their favor. Also, they have a very good off screen rapport and this reflects on screen. Above everything, both are extremely talented and put in their best. In real life too both of them are excellent friends and have a very good relation.Both have matured in their friendship.

Vikram and Shivani:- The cute pair Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan starring in Jana Na Dil Se Door is receiving excellent appreciation from all viewers. The chemistry amongst both of this couple is really praise worthy. The rapport of Shivani with Vikram Singh Chauhan is just awesome , they are really good friends. They enjoy the moments in set,discuss and laugh together.Over time they have become very comfortable as a friends now.

Parth and Niti – TV heartthrob Parth and cute and extremely talent Niti are one of those pairs who stole hearts of millions of youth in a quick succession through MTVs Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. The show really craved a mark in the heart of many youths and the couple Parth and Niti was a super hit. Their on-screen chemistry, fights, hatred, friendship and romance was very well cherished. In real life both of them do not seem to have much contact with each other or may not be the friends. Both have a huge fan base and they wish to have both Parth and Niti as good friends in real life.

Karan and Hina– The most popular jodi of Television Industry Karan and Hina don’t have not so friendly relation with each other. But the chemistry between these two has stolen the hearts of many fans however when it comes to off-screen chemistry it seems that duo doesn’t share a cordial relation.Fans wish that their dream couple become good friends in real life.

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