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Hello readers! As you all know we conducted chat session #AskKritika wherein you guys dropped your questions for your favorite Kritika Kamra who is stealing hearts as Chandrakanta in LifeOK’s Chandrakanta.

We were flooded with hundreds of questions and our team had a tough time choosing the best out of them, but delighted that we were able to do so somehow!

Sapna Naik @SapanaNaik – What is the best compliment you have ever received?

One compliment I recently received was after doing Chandrakanta, when a fan told me that I am a versatile actor. I really felt humbled and grateful because the idea of doing Chandrakanta was to try different things and explore a different side of me. I think it’s the greatest compliment for an actor when someone calls you versatile actor.

Jia Usman @JiaUsman2016- Though We love all your shows, but which show of yours you love the most?

I keep reading your comments and love on twitter and everywhere! But I can’t choose one! It’s very difficult to pick one favorite show because when you play a character it becomes a part of you so it’s pretty hard for an actor to choose one favorite show.

Ritu Ajwani @RituRocks17- What is the easiest thing for you while portraying the character of Chandrakanta ?

Hi Ritu! Good to hear your question here also! I think the easiest for me is the way I look. Though, I have to wear lot of heavy jewelry. But, the designer has done such a fabulous job that it becomes effortless to look the way I do. I really enjoy dressing up for the show.

Sania Khan @saniak698j – Do you remember the first ever shot enactment in front of camera?

Hi Sania! I think its time to change your DP (smiles). My first ever screen enactment was actually my first audition was for Yaha ke Hum Sikandar. I was outside my college and was asked to come for a quick audition. I didn’t know how actually screen auditions happen. I thought that I’ll just have to say some monologue or it would be like a meeting. But when I reached the audition place, there was a proper setup, camera, lightings and all. That was the first time I faced camera and touchwood, I got my role.

TeamKritikaKamra @TeamKritikaK – When you were just setting foot steps in this industry, did you ever think that you will be so loved?

Honestly I had no idea; I was just following my heart. I love my work. But, to get loved in return of doing something that you enjoy, is an absolute bonus. In fact, on the days when I feel low, your love keeps me going. I sail through the tough phase because of you guys. And I am always so grateful for that love.

Sachin @SachinTater – How was your experience of becoming a gorgeous princess Chandrakanta?

It’s been a great experience and especially because you have been enjoying this, I really appreciate that you guys watch it and give your feedbacks. I do enjoy dressing as a princess and a get a lot of compliments for the look; it makes me very- very happy! (Says gleefully)

Anjali Arora- Share one thing that you have learnt from every character that you have played?

As an actor you learn everything from each show. But if we see character qualities, then we find that each character teaches us something. Like from ArshiyaI learnt how to be your own cool self. From Aarohi I learnt that love is all about giving. From PrateekshaAs the name suggests, keeping patience, to wait for good things to happen, even if they don’t happen immediately, but they surely happen one day. From Aarohi Ahluwaliya- I learnt to live by your own right. If you are right then the whole world follows. From Nidhi– I learnt that it’s not important to fit into the boxes. You can always break that box and reinvent yourself. From Ananya I learnt persistence. If you want something, there is nothing called half efforts, give your whole self and the best will be yours. From Chandrakanta- So far I have learnt is to believe in yourself and your love. There is nothing greater than that.

Kaira  @Nancy_Dedhia- In TV from whom you get inspiration from….?

I have been inspired by a lot of contemporaries. When some of my great friends or other people do great in their respective shows, the characters they play, inspire me a lot.

Nancy @Nancy_Dedhia- What made you to say ‘yes’ for Chandrakanta?

What made me say ‘yes’ to Chandrakanta was a combination of a lot of things. Firstly, it’s an iconic character. Secondly, I have never done this genre before, I’ve never done costume drama before, and I feel nothing can be better than fantasy, when it comes to costume drama. Thirdly, Chandrakanta is a story which is very progressive, even after being of a different era, it’s no regressive and personally I don’t like playing a ‘bichaari’ all the time. So luckily, everything fell into the place for me and here I am as Chandrakanta.

Karan Ki Muskaan   @Muskaan_kk – One word for Gaurav Khanna..!

One word for Gaurav Khanna would be….Hard working. Gaurav is very hardworking.

Yash Rawat @Yash1Rawat – What’s the naughtiest thing you have done in your childhood?

I was a very naughty kid. I’ve done a lot of naughty things in my childhood. I loved to bully boys of my age. I remember one of my best friends; I shouldn’t reveal his name (chuckles). I made him dress in my clothes and took a picture of him. I still have that photograph, where I am looking pretty devilish and he is looking so sad. And one more thing, whenever I used to play cricket, I would always choose to bat and everyone else had to bowl for me.

Sania Khan @saniak698j – One word that describes you the best ..

I feel very special with all your love, I feel like a God’s child.

Sapna Naik @SapanaNaik- How was it when you learnt that you are doing Chandrakanta out of many others who auditioned for it?

I wasn’t aware of who all were auditioning for Chandrakanta. I got to know everything much later. I had no idea that they would like me, or I would like the project. Everything happened so fast that before I could realize anything, I was shooting for it and now I am loving it.

Balram    @Balram990  – How was your experience while working with Rajeev Khandelwal?

My experience working with Rajeev was fabulous. He is one of the best co-actors I have ever had. I have learnt many things from him. He is such an admirable, hard working and disciplined kind of a person. While working with him, I never felt that I am working with someone who has been in the industry for so many years.  I remember when he played Sujal, so many of my classmates were crazy about him. I actually run out of adjectives to describe Rajeev.

K emicia Pillay   @kemiciapillay  Besides being an actress what was your passion which you would love to make your profession?

When I was in college I was still finding out my passion. Though, I always had an inclination towards arts. But, it was only after I started acting that I realized that this is what I wanted to be.

Sakshi @Sakshi_Tweets- Who is your best friend in TV industry?

There are many but Aditi Gupta and Ishita Sharma are great friends of mine.

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