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Winner of #FanOfWeek1

As an opening section on our entertainment daily we asked followers of Vivian Dsena that why do they think Vivian deserves an award? We are over whelmed with the entries and the kind of trust, fan have shown to us. Though from the various entries received, it was a tough task to zero at one. We appreciate the love, care and affection shown to their favourite star. But in the end only one is the winner.

We proudly announce winner of our first #FanOfWeek. She is Muberra Krkmz. 

Congratulations Muberra!!

Her writeup for Vivian:

Bringing in Achievement Award.

We all have been created for a purpose and for what all work we do, we seek results, we expect that we will get money for better or worse. Off course we want to be as successful as we want, but we can’t change this fact anytime that we need others to cheer us up to be flourishing. Your job gets easier when it is liked and appreciated by the people who see you performing it. When you are liked by the people in your neighborhood and in the city or county you live in; your reputation begins to spread to other continents and countries and your name is everywhere in the world. I think Vivian Dsena is quite an appropriate example of this.

Everyone does his job for an apt reason; there can be different reasons to do it, may be to get love from people and it can also be to find a suitable character. Real life of an actor and his life on Television are two different things. A moon is not necessarily be a full moon, it changes its form every day, but the truth is it shines in the sky every night.

Acting is performing different roles in different places, at different times, with different people, but you are still up with an agenda to shine like the glare of the moon every evening. Even in India, Pyar ki Ye Ek Kahaani series, where Vivian played the first vampire on TV, it helped the show to establish his public notability. This was a big step, but still it wasn’t success. Because growing trees, seedling them, watering them is not success, the success lies in its very foundation. Tree grows and blooms on the basis of how well we water it and compost it, its foundation becomes strong accordingly. Same was Vivian’s case, his enactment as vampire was certainly a good foundation to his career.

Vivian has done different sequences in the series, which has been a good opportunity to improve as an actor and to educate on behalf of it. But if you don’t accept anything different, then you don’t learn new things. In a series one plays a guest role, still people can spot him in the crowd of numerous actors. Vivian kept a milestone, to constantly renew him as an actor. According to a survey I did on social media, out of 100 people, 95% liked Vivian Dsena when he was first known for his show Madhubala.

That means Vivian has enjoyed and seen success at this point of time. So from this it is clear that his name is not only famous in his own country, but other countries too. As I mention this, here is one of the first results.

When you want to wear a scarf, you perhaps hold your bottom rope to knit it, and you take a moment to take the rope so that you can insert the weft rightly. Is it not so? You should not miss knitting the stitches to insert the ropes carefully.

Today the success of Vivian Dsena speaks volumes, as he is a well known actor in Western countries too. After committing hours, months and years to his career, it is not just a business for him, as in business one accomplishes something by grinding different sources of life. But the one who tastefully, undauntedly committed years to his career it can’t be just business for such a person. Every human being who puts in any efforts, that follows patience; deserves an award. No one ever gave life to labor; he does not want to spend the years that remain unpaid. After this course of time Vivian Dsena also deserves an award. They say a greeting would suffice, prizes can be small, but they hold a great value.

We hope of continual trust from readers side. Let’s express ourselves for a better tomorrow. For more Let’s Get Buzzing!!

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