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Father’s Day 2017: TV celebs shares why their Dad is superhero!

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers make to the lives of their children. On upcoming Father’s day TV celeb shares about their father’s contribution to their life and recognised officially that they are their real-life superhero!

Tejasswi Prakash Wayangar:

I think my father gave me the greatest reason to call him my super hero because he believed in me and allowed me to fly and explore the world the way I wanted to.  He guides me and his presence made me secured. I am sure that no one else in the world can love a girl more than her father.

Akshay Mhatre:

My father have always taught me to discriminate between good-bad or right-wrong and motivated me to be hard working and choosing to the on correct path. I believe superhero’s are one who protect us and does miracles. My dad has also done miracles for me. They do all this without any expectations. Well that truly defines my dad for me! He is my superhero.

Niti Taylor:

My dad being a superhero? Well there’s so much to say but I fall short of words. He’s a person I can discuss everything, like literally everything. We have a lot of father daughter secrets too. What inspires me about him is that no matter what life throws, he never gives up. He always try. My dad has given me everything I have asked for. He always taught me to be humble in all circumstances. He taught me to be independent and do everything on my own. From legal documents to buying a car, giving it for repair, to dealing with so many things, I feel confident in doing. He’s the best person  I can ask for and I pray in every life (if there is any other), I get him as my dad.

Iqbal Khan:

My dad is my superhero because he has given me the best of everything or anything. Sometimes without keeping nothing for himself and being selfless!

Shubhangi Atre:

My father has always encouraged me to explore new things in life. From childhood, he made me and my elder sisters to be ambitious so that we can focus on achieving success. He let us to be independent. And the best part was he never discriminate. He created no boundaries and allowed us to fly being disciplined, brave and soft-hearted. I’m happy that he made me learn to respect things, value time and never give-up. Every principles of him inspires me making him my superhero.

Anuj sachdev:

A reason why dad is my superhero will be only because of him I am living a life I want to. He taught me to be hardworking, brave and gentle. He inspires me a lot. So, all what I am today is because of him. The best quality he dissolved in me with his upbringing was not to give up in any sort of situation and never be dependent. He taught me to move independently.

Mahika Sharma:

It was my father who taught me to value myself. He always said me no matter how I look, I was the most precious thing in his life. For him I am having an uncommon beauty. We had a small kingdom, me being her princess but now only his memories are alive with me. The way he used to pamper,care and love me. He made me independent. I was not his doll but a warrior. He has changed my life and living style to far better any girl would wish. He has all the reasons to be my super-hero.

Manish Goplani:

My dad has always understood me and help me achieving a successful life. He knows all about me, be it my good or bad qualities. He loves me. At times when he scold me, it is to bring out the better me. Like a superhero he has always been protective and has stop me being influenced by any sort of bad qualities. He has for sure made me brave, disciplined, obedient and punctual for what I’m really thankful to him.

Lopamudra Raut:

My father has given me everything I ever wished for. The most interesting, brave and knowledgeable person I have ever known. He has made me the strong woman, I am today. He is a treasure of my life and nothing less than a superhero.

Suyyash Rai:

My dad is my superhero, he inspires me in everyway. I remember how he taught me to be disciplined, hardworking, courageous, value things and be punctual and above all. carry a never give up attitude. The time when he couldn’t afford things, he took care of me and my sister and educated us. He give us all that what we asked for. I just try to be like him.

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