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I can challenge any actor to perform a scene better than me: Chandan Anand

Actor Chandan Anand, who is currently seen as Krrur Singh in Nikhil Sinha’s Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta, opens up about his journey in the industry and all that’s close to him.


What was the process behind acting on television. Please tell us about your body of work in the industry and the shows that are close to you.

I come from a theatre background and worked for 10 years in Delhi before coming  to Mumbai. I worked with two of the most renowned theatre groups – Asmita Theatre group and N K Sharma’s theatre group. Like any other profession, acting is beautiful and I spent years learning the nuances of performing well. When I came to Mumbai to start working in television, I leant much more. I have been part of shows such as Soni Mahiwal, Meher, Bhabhi, Yeh Pyaar Naa Hoga Kam, Dharamkshetra and Zindagi channel’s first Indian show called Bhaage Re Mann.

I am currently playing the role of Krrur Singh in Chandrakanta. The character has been sketched out so well by Hindi novelist Devaki Nandan Khatri.
As far as my other work goes, I have endorsed many brands such as Alto, Volkswagen, Coca Cola and much more and have been part of almost 250 commercials.
I have done roles in movies like Aloo Chaat and Love Aaj Kal and done 3 to 4 independent films as well.

Which film is closest to you and who are the actors in Bollywood, who you have worked with?

The film that has been really close to me and where people appreciated my work and gave me recognition was Parched. I travelled to London and the Toronto film festival and walked the red carpet with actor Ajay Devgan.

I am glad to have worked with actor Shah Rukh Khan in a commercial for Nerolac paints, actor Salman Khan for Mountain Dew and also actor Aamir Khan. It’s been a beautiful part of being in this industry.

How do you see your overall journey as an artist? Are you a satisfied actor? 

I am living my dream, progressing and achieving everything I ever wanted to. I am blessed to have worked with the best producers and directors till now. Even if some of my projects have not been hits, they have taught me a lot and have contributed to my beautiful journey in this field.

Tell us a little about your role in your current show Chandrakanta.

I love playing a character, who is in love with Chandrakanta and wants her and the kingdom. The most interesting part of my character is that I play the role of a lover, who gets paranoid when he comes to know that Chandrakanta loves someone else and doesn’t notices his love.  He then gets angry and challenges himself to achieve her and her kingdom.

Plus it’s great to work with Nikhil Sinha. I have worked more for than a decade and we have always shared a great equation. We worked together in his show Hatim and he calls me whenever he is casting for a new show.

The look of Krrur Singh is very interesting please throw some light on it? What were your inputs for the role. 

Nikhil Sinha and I had a meeting to decide how my character will look. I am happy that I got to work with a producer who is so open to how the actors feel and takes in their suggestions as well.   He liked my ideas for the look of Krrur Singh. People, who knew me and my co-actors, were so shocked to see me spotting a beard and in that attire and everything. I look completely different and the credit goes to Nikhil Sinha.

Your theatre background is very strong and is that is the reason that you excel in your performance on screen?

Yes, whatever I know about my craft, I have learnt in my theatre days. Today I am confident that no matter what you want me to play, I can perform it with ease. I don’t mind changing my look, my body, my emotional quotient, so that I can portray a character well and this is all because this is what I have been taught. I believe, as an actor, I can challenge anyone to play a character better than me. There are many elements which I add to my character as well.

When it comes to acting, who all are your inspirations and why? Please name them.

I don’t have any role models, but there are many actors who I like because of their work. I like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irrfan Khan for their work, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan for their passionate performances. In the younger crop, I like Ranbir Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao. I recently watched Deepak Dobriyal in Hindi Medium and loved him. I think Nimrat Kaur, who I have worked with, Radhika Apte and Tanishta Chatterjee are great actors. I love watching their films. When my co-actors see me on screen they, in fact, tell me that I am an inspiration to them. For me, my inspiration will always be my teachers and gurus and I will never let them down.

Do you remember your first shot in front of the camera? please share your experience.

I remember when I first came to Mumbai and after a month I got my first television show on Doordarshan where I was playing a negative character. That show got very popular in rural areas and even today people remember me by that character in remote areas. They called me for close-ups and the director said that I must imagine that my parents are standing behind me. I was actually surprised, but I had been working for a long time in theatre and I could visualise and give a good shot.

Last year your performance in Parched was very well received. When you look back, what has been your fondest memory from the film?

I remember and cherish each and every frame from the film. I remember travelling with the whole team for the film. Each day was a memorable one. I have worked with many people in many shows but the cast and crew of Parched was no less than a family to me. I worked with Surveen Chawla, Radhika Apte, Tanishta Chatterjee and many others. The appreciation that received for this film, made me happy.

What are the kind of roles that you want to take up? please share in detail.

I want to do more roles as I believe I can do more than what I have done. I recently got a message from a fan in Vancouver, Russia for my films, my show Bhaage re Mann and a few web series which is on Netflix. It feels great that I am not only working for the Indian audience but my work is recognised internationally as well. I want to work so much that I am known worldwide. I want be part of some influential shows. I did a short film and it got 16million likes in a span of two days. So the length of your role makes no difference as long as it ka noteworthy.

We don’t know much about your personal life. Please share. 

There is nothing much to know about my personal life. I have a loving and supporting family. I eat and drink cinema and I dream of settling with someone at a certain stage of life. My father often asks me when I plan to get married and I tell him that as of now, I am married to my work.

In Chandrakanta, who are your friends off screen. Are you a kind of person who makes friends easily?

On the show, all the actors are close to me and I love them all. Ankit Arora, Kritika Kamra, Gaurav Khanna, Abhishek Awasthi. Most of my scenes are shot with Manasvi, the mother of Chandrakanta because  I play all my game plans on her. She is a great actor and is eager to learn and excel in the scenes.

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