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Is Divyanka Tripathi Facing The Anti-Popularity Syndrome?

Reality shows are known to be competitive but this season’s Nach Baliye has gone to a different level all together.  Fans have been warring amongst each other and it seems have gone to the extent of questioning the authenticity, integrity and moves of each contestant.  Divaynka Tripathi spoke about the anti-popularity syndrome she has been facing to Hindustan Times (a leading daily).  The actress in the interview said, “Everything is looked through a magnifying glass to find minute flaws, cracks and faults.  Your popularity is questioned and scrutinized to the tee!  If you have injured yourself and still walk without showing the pain – it could be an act!  The barometers set for you are much much higher if you are popular.  Because you are a ‘household face’ and well ‘popular’ the judging has to be stricter because you have the audience’s love already on your side!  Rest all is over looked. It’s easily forgotten that you are only human.”
She further elaborates  “Am I ranting?  Not at all!  Popularity barometers may question your hard work but tell me don’t popular people work hard?  I don’t believe in overnight success!  It’s my hard work which has brought me here. I’ve spent hundreds  of sleepless nights, toiled hard for days, have sacrificed my personal life and overcame several pains to give good outputs in my work.”
Divyanka, who is currently juggling between Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Nach Baliye took up the reality show to spend time with her husband and learn a new art form, says she has no regrets at all.  The actress​​ further says, “As actors we can not control scripts, scores, comments, feedback nor winning, in a fiction or nonfiction space, but what we do have is our hard work to take us wherever we go!  My biggest motivation are my fans who are constantly through various forms of social media sending positive messages and keeping me going.  They are one of my biggest blessings as I hold them in eyes with pride and walk towards my goals, inching closer and closer with nothing but lots and lots of hard work!”
And with this as we gear up for the Nach Baliye finale, the question that pops up after listening to Divyanka is that what is wrong with a popular jodi winning a show?  Have they not worked hard?  Why is it that the underdog story always sells more than the hard work of the successful one?    
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