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..If popular TV beauties turn Disney Princesses (Part 1)

We all loves Disney Isn’t it? Disney movies have been such an intrinsic part of our childhood and have always enchanted and entertained us with its unique characters, especially the Disney Princesses. Every young girl wants to become like a Disney princess for these characters not only entertain us, but also inspire us in one way or the other. Let’s take a look on which famous beauty could play our Disney princess well on television.

  1. Mouni Roy as Jasmine

Who doesn’t love Jasmine, the gorgeous princess of Agrabah, who is so brave that she keeps Raja (A Tiger) as her pet, and is notorious for rejecting many wealthy and noble suitors because she doesn’t like to be controlled. She lives much of her younger life with a desire to breakaway confinements and falls in love with a commoner Aladdin and explores the wonders which she often imagined outside the palace walls. She is the first Middle Eastern Asian princess in Walt Disney Movies.

The actress who will suit the role of Jasmine would be TV’s most loved Nagin Mouni Roy. Her Asiatic look, sharp features and not to forget her elegance makes her the fittest to be casted as Princess Jasmine.

  1. Sanaya Irani as Queen Elsa

Source: Pinrest

Queen Elsa of Arendelle popularly known as the Snow queen, who looks poised and reserved from outside, but in real is anxious as she wrestles with a big secret that she was born with the power to create snow. Haunted by the moment that her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, she isolated herself trying every minute to suppress her budding powers. Her mounting emotions actuate the magic which accidentally sets in motion an eternal winter, which she can’t stop.

If this interesting story is showcased on TV, then none other than stunning Sanaya Irani would be the fittest to play Queen Elsa. Sanaya’s physique, her looks matches a lot with the Snow queen. Sanaya will be the best choice to express the strength, power and worry of this beautiful queen.

  1. Krystal D’souza as Anna

This beautiful Disney princess is more daring than graceful, at times, can act before she thinks. But she is sanguine and considerate. She longs to reconnect with her elder sister Elsa, who accidentally unleashes magic which locks the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. Anna embarks on a hazardous adventure to make things correct. Armed with her fearlessness, confidence and love for the people and her sister, Anna is able to save both her family and her kingdom.

To portray this beautiful and daring princess, none other than the very beautiful Krystal D’souza will be a worthy choice. The way Krystal has performed in her last stint Brahmarakshas, so effortlessly and fearlessly facing the demon; she is very apt to play Anna.

  1. Preetika Rao as Snow white

Snow White is a young and innocent princess, the fairest of all the other Disney princesses. Her character is as pure as the color of snow. She cannot see any evil in the world. Her innocence makes her more vulnerable to her step mother, the Queen who wishes to be the fairest in the land. Nevertheless, Snow White’s natural kindness and naivete inspires forest animals, her friends and the seven dwarfs to protect her.

Talented and cute looking actress Preetika Rao looks the best to play Snow White. Besides being very fair just like Snow White, Preetika gives an innocent, cute, sing-song look which is required to portray this young princess onscreen.

  1. Vrushika Mehta as Ariel

Ariel is the protagonist of ‘The Little Mermaid’. She is a pretty little mermaid who spends most of the time outside the palace walls of Atlantica daydreaming, singing and adventuring with her best friend Flounder, a guppy fish and Sebastian, the crab, who is also the royal advisor to Ariel’s father.  She falls in love with a human named Eric, and sacrifices everything dear to her for being with her prince of dreams.

The very pretty and young lad Vrushika Mehta looks apt to play Ariel onscreen. She is chirpy, happy, and cute. She has that curious bug tinge in her look, which is always looking out for trying something new and adventurous without losing the childishness.

  1. Helly Shah as Cindrella

Cindrella is one of the most optimist and positive character. She is compassionate to all, especially her mice friends Jaq and Guss. She is full of faith that if you keep on believing, your wishes will come true.  With the help of her fairy godmother, she gets a chance to fulfill and live her dreams.

To present Cindrella’s beauty, kindness and sweetness, Helly Shah would be the perfect choice. She looks confident, sweet, and beautiful. Not to forget that she also loves to dance just like Cindrella herself.

  1. Pocahontas- Harshita Gaur

Pocahontas is a member of Powhatan Indian tribe that makes their home in Virginia. She loves nature and spends her time exploring the same. She respects the spirit of Earth, follows her heart and knows well that an upright way may not be the easiest and fights for the right of those she loves. She falls in love with John Smith and everything comes onto her, to discover her fate and bring peace and harmony to her people.

If Pocahontas relives on TV screen today, then none other than our bold and stunning beauty Harshita Gaur will be the befitting choice to portray this free spirited character. Harshita’s tall, slender and statuesque physique, her high spirited nature makes her best fitted to play Pocahontas onscreen.

Hope you enjoyed reading the first set of our amazing Disney princesses and the beauties that fit into the shoes of their characters. Stay tuned to know about our next set of Disney Princesses and which beauty will look felicitous to portray them.

Keep reading this space for more such updates.  Let’s Get Buzzing!

Picture Source: Different Social media websites and pinrest. 

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