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Shakti Bangkok Chapter – the war of Inner Insecurities  

Colors TRP topper Show “Shakti-Astitva ke ehsaas ki” is always being a talk of the town from the start of the show. This is the first ever show on Indian television by Rashmi Sharma Production house focusing on a issue like “Transgender” and their life issues.

Recently the show takes a huge turn when a heartbroken Saumya leaves Harman and decides to persue her life as Tarana in show.Well things started when in Harman’s birthday party Saumya was told by her mother in law that as she posses a divine beauty Harman is attracted to her besides he really dont love her. Wondering with such accusation Saumya went to Harman to ask about the fact to which Harman replied something unwanted for Saumya. With broken heart she left him, her essence of Saumya, the hardwork and dedication of her late mother and became Tarana enabling the chapter of Bangkok. Now we all know where brightness shines the most beneath it a large amount of darkness occurs.

More or less Bangkok or more precisely the city of Thailand is best known for their popular “Sex-tourism” as a large part of tourists went there for this purpose only. Now Saumya as a kinnar too joins them as a sex-worker and the darkness is brought up to light by the makers in their own way.

But for every reaction of human there is an action as per Newton’s third law. What is happening in show is known to all but lets do a quick analysis about those 5Ws and 1H..Why, what, where,when.who and How as many are wondering about the conclusion of the happening.

Saumya is always a timid kind of a character, who barely protests, talks, takes a stand or express emotions.She is very bad at displaying what she is feeling inside. Now if I ask you WHY Saumya needs to be Tarana again?as she hates to be away from her “Harman ji” and never wanted to live a kinner’s life.

Quoting the words of VIN DIESEL “It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams” actually human psychology is so difficult to decode, they love to hear the truth but they hate to face reality. Saumya is always a believer that she is not worthy of Harman because she is incapable of giving him the satisfaction as a wife.The reason she gulps in preeto’s manipulation is purely her lack of transparency in herself. She can never make herself enough confidence to maker herself understand first THAT NO I AM CAPABLE.
Now the next Question in the queue is surely WHEN it happened…..We already know as audience by god’s grace that why Harman reacted that way to Saumya for asking him that question. Harman does not only love her but his acceptance for her is a direct challenge to those social taboos which forms our inner self. We think that way in which our society actively or passively taught us to do. So basically it’s not an easy call for Harman to accept the fact after witnessing such a brutal sight. Moreover there is something which we the “normal” people don’t want to blurt out in front of public due to silly reasons here Harman has a perfect one…so why will he want to turn a happy moment into disaster by telling those people the truth of Saumya who are not going to behave different than those public he witnessed.

But now if you really look into the matter and try to analyze things then let me ask you one question WHAT exactly hurt Saumya? Harman’s refusal for accepting her in front of all, Harman saying why should he love every kinnar standing on roads and clapping or something else..Let’s try to find out! She really doesn’t need any new kind of proof that he loves her with all his being then??  What that puts her off?? Is it because she can’t prove herself right in front of Preeto that she is just not a beautiful piece of flesh but a human who can get loved or her inner insecurities which makes her needy for such loyalty test time to time……

Shakti-Astitva ke ehsaas ki is all about finding your inner strength to fight for your existence in the world but it’s up to you that WHERE you will be find out that. According to Saumya’s real strength to find her existence is to find it in the so called “Normal” society which is divided from their society. Because they are specially blessed by God which is special but not abnormal. But she finds it in that world where she can choose an easy path for her fight and left the path of struggle. She choose a path which actually make Harman and her mother Nimmi’s efforts waste and being her daughter and Harman’s wife She should be more courageous. If she has to end there then her mother’s belief of her being normal like any and all those struggle to be normal like all becomes a myth.

WHY Saumya can’t stand alone for herself if not Harman loves her but her beauty considering her thoughts. She should fight for herself alone without thinking about anyone else but no she wanted Harman to fight for her. If we see from her perspective then surely she is always under impression that she is not doing justice to Harman as a wife. She feels incomplete for not making Harman satisfy like others. Her insecurities and lack of transparency about herself is justified and quite understandable. That’s why Harman’s refusal to accept her in front of all makes her go again in those dark impressions of her inability to be a “perfect wife” for him. She do take  impulsive decision of leaving him but not for the disbelief in his love but for the disbelief she developed from childhood from all her near ones who left her alone cause of her specialty.

While analyzing the Bangkok chapter of Shakti and the buildup given by the PH for the same is forced to make you question that WHO is responsible for the whole mess? Should we blame Preeto for brainwash Saumya, or should we blame Saumya to come under her influence, Should we blame Harman for being rude to his wife or Tarana to overpower Saumya’s self-esteem? Or Saya to not to use her life long experience to test a person properly? Well all are justified according to their own point of view. Keeping aside the general lookout all think they have done the right thing possible and the one who is too blamed here is their mental build up who let Saumya gives Tarana to overpower her. Who make rebellicious Harman weak on knees for his Gulabo, who make Saya feel they can never have a life apart from their world.

Well flaws make us a human and thus a human life is full of ups and downs and Harman and Saumya is no different here. All happens for a cause and may be here in Bangkok Saumya actually finds her existence intertwined with her “Harman ji” and gets the strength to never depend on any certificates of acceptance anymore. Saumya already landed in troubles in Bangkok and her shining armor is there to protect her…Let’s see how it unfolds after all it’s also a story of COMING HOME for Harman-Saumya



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