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Badho Bahu talks about their favourite patriotic film

On the occasion of Independence Day, the cast of Sunny Side Up (Dipti Kalwani) and Hum Tum Telefilms (Teenna Swayam Sushant Kumar) Badho Bahu talks about their favourite patriotic film and how it has inspired them.

Rytasha Rathore – My favourite patriotic film is Rang De Basanti. When I watched it, I was so inspired, I want to do something epic like that in life to help the country.

Shagun Pandey – My favourite patriotic film is Rang De Basanti. I think it is special because it was the first time that the youth was shown coming out and bringing about a change in our country. It was very intense as well as entertaining. All the performances were good.
Sangeeta Panwar – My favourite patriotic film is Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh was a true freedom fighter and I salute his sacrifice that he made for our country. The fact that he was just 23 when he was hanged is enough to speak about the man.
Karamveer Chaudhary – My favourite patriotic film is Dangal because it has inspired the youth and the people of the nation to make India proud by participating in national games or sports.
Jaya Ojha – My favourite patriotic film is Shaheed Bhagat Singh starring Manoj Kumar. I don’t think that there is any other movie in comparison to it. The songs have such a good feel to them like Mera Rang De Basanti Chola. Every time I listen to the songs or watch the film my eyes well up.
Roopa Ganguly – I don’t have a particular patriotic film as such but I remember enjoying Shaheed Bhagat Singh a lot (the one with Ajay Devgan) as a child. I uphold the culture of the country as a young citizen because I am an Odissi dancer and want to contribute to preserving and spreading the form for our future generations. My salute to the jawans protecting our borders. My salute to the sacrifices made by the army navy and air force and their triumphs. My salute to the relatives and widows to all the heroes of our freedom movement.
Paras Chhabra – My favourite patriotic film would be Legend of Bhagat Singh, every time I see that movie I get goosebumps and it makes me cry.
Arsha Goswami – My favourite patriotic film is Border. One can easily feel the sacrifice and emotions of soldiers of our country.

Antara Banerjee – Border and Rang de Basanti are the cult films which highlight the bravery and martyrdom of our various soldiers and hardship, selfless sacrifice of our freedom fighters who gave their lives to earn independent air to breathe for us.

Arhaan Khan – My favourite patriotic film is Chak de India because it gives us a very good message and after watching that movie we have come close to our national sport Hockey.
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