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Nostalgic memories of Janmashtami

The festival of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s birthday is around the corner. As the streets deck up and the dahi handis come out, we ask our favourite telly actors how they celebrate the auspicious day.


Hrishikesh Pandey – I have many memories of Janmashtami because I used to attend the Dahi Handi celebrations in my childhood. We used to go to temples and I remember I would always lose my shoes in the crazy crowd. I also used to fast initially, but now I can’t, because I am following a strict diet. Lord Krishna is the God of romance and peace and the most special thing about him is that he has a very charming persona. And coincidentally my name Hrishikesh is Lord Vishnu /Krishna’s name.

Nutan Rai – Growing up abroad and especially in countries with a very little percentage of Indians living, made it hard for us to celebrate such festive moments. At most, we would celebrate Holi and Diwali. But nowadays, the Indian communities abroad are taking extra efforts to celebrate all festivals. Last year, I got the chance to witness Dahi Handi. It was a fun experience. I have yet to see how India celebrates Dahi Handi. I am a strong believer of Lord Shiva, however, I do pray to all the other gods as well. I go to the temple and worship Lord Krishna regularly. On Janmashtami, we wait till 12 am in the temple and everyone dresses up, singing, dancing and rocking the swing with Lord Krishna’s baby idol lying in it. I have watched and heard stories about Lord Krishna, what I like the most about him is his charming character.

Karan Oberoi – I have attended quite a few Dahi Handi festivals. And the only time I have actually participated in one was when I was shooting a special episode on the festival for Zee Anthakshree. It was super fun. But I haven’t had a chance to do it ever post that. I have visited temples and been a part of a lot of rituals and ceremonies growing up. My dad was in the army and we used to celebrate every festival with a lot of gaiety and splendour. Going to the temple at midnight during Janmashtami was also a part of that celebration. Now as I have grown older, the concept of God and prayers have changed in my mind.  I pray to the one almighty, and am more of a karma yogi and believe in going to an orphanage and taking care of the less privileged as a part of my prayer offerings. Having said that I totally value the teachings of Lord Krishna and resonate with it. His teachings are so relevant and true. Plus, his playful and colourful personality makes him so real and adds so much to his allure.

Ankit Siwach – Janmashtami has always been a special occasion when I was a kid. We used to create Jhankis in the lawn and decorate them. We used to wait for this day and would to fast every year. I saw Dahi handi for the first time in Mumbai, it’s so much fun and adventurous. I would definitely want to participate in this extravaganza in future.

Lavanya Bhardwaj – On Janmashtami, we visit almost 10-15 temples and sing Krishna’s songs. We fast till 12 o’clock(Krishna’s birth) every year. In north India, nobody plays Dahi Handi. But I have seen Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai, although I have never participated because for that you need a lot of practice.

Vikas Verma – Dahi Handi is something which reminds me of my childhood days. I was always a Krishna bhakt, like a fully dedicated one, so I used to watch all Krishna TV series and Dahi Handi used to fascinate me the most. So just to be like Krishna, I used to participate in Dahi Handi celebrations. Whenever I think of Dahi Handi, it brings a smile on my face and refreshes all the memories of my childhood. I worship Krishna every day, not just on Janmashtami. On Janmashtami, I buy clothes and jewellery for his idol, which I have at home and try to feed as many poor and needy people as I can. It gives me an immense pleasure doing this and makes feel like my purpose of fasting is complete. I visit the temple in the evening and complete my fast with prayers. At mid night, I worship Krishna’s idol at home. I like everything about Krishna from his childhood naughtiness, his fair judgements, him helping people to his love story.

Ramman Handa – Janmashtami for me only means celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. Dahi Handi is the most common form of celebration seen in Maharashtra. It’s adventurous but for me it’s risky. So I don’t encourage it at all. I respect all religions but I don’t follow any. I believe in humanity. I have read Bhagwad Gita which describes a lot about Lord Sri Krishna. I love the Rasleela of Lord Sri Krishna and his style. I find him very stylish among all the other Hindu Gods.

Shakti Arora – I wait for Janmashtami every year. I feel a special connect with Lord Krishna and love to worship him. Plus, everything is decorated so well on Janmashtami and you start feeling the festive vibes days before. I have never participated in Dahi Handi celebrations, but I love watching them.

Divyajoytee Sharma – I am an avid believer in Lord Krishna’s values and his teachings are so relevant in today’s world. Janmashtami has always been special to me as it makes me nostalgic of my childhood days. We used to fast and would be waiting for mid night to eat all the yummy food that my mom had prepared.


Shardul Pandit – Janmashtami has always been a special occasion for me. I used to participate as a kid, in the celebrations. The entire colony used to unite in celebrating the festival. It was so much fun. As far as Dahi Handi is concerned, I used to see it every year but was too young to participate.

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